The Grief Sister

Hey Sweet Family & Friends,

I am in the process of renewal. I am a writer.
I have written the first draft of a novel and a memoir that has now

become a screenplay entitled The Grief Sister.
I narrated my sister’s battle with breast cancer and AML on

CaringBridge and have written for my own pleasure most of my life.

I want to create.

I am now in a position to choose this path.
I am choosing people and projects that challenge and

motivate me while helping and inspiring others.

I am choosing to create my short film, The Grief Sister.

I must raise $70K and then an additional $30K to see my hopeful,
tearjerker about sisterly love between Mary Mallette and me, come to life

(and hopefully, appear on a screen near you).
The initial funds raised will be used to hire an award-winning director, a line producer, and pay for pre-production fees.

In addition, I will work with Hospice and Community Care
in Rock Hill to create awareness about Hospice

services and an educational guide for grief, death, and dying.
This will be in support of the film and be available locally, regionally, and nationally.

Every month should be National Mental Health Month. I know we must help one another with a community of love.
This is possible with financial and relational resources.

The film will also honor my sister-Mary Mallette Jenkins Wood,
my father-Coach Bob Jenkins,
my mother Margaret Henderson Jenkins,
and my daughter-Margaret Locke, who all have worked or are working as counselors to assist with
loss and life and mental health access for all.

I know better than most, people give to people. I am asking you to be a contributor to the funding
I need it for this project.

I need you and hope you will contribute to the film.

To make a quick, simple non-tax-deductible gift, you may send a Venmo donation to @thegriefsister.
Or, you may mail a check to:

Meg Jenkins Locke.
Memo Line: The Grief Sister

Meg Jenkins Locke
127 Ben Casey Drive, Suite 106
Fort Mill, South Carolina 29708

This is the beginning of what I hope will be many fulfilling and creative projects. I will soon add Carolina Moon
Productions to my resume and appreciate your being on this journey with me!

Donate Now!


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